In Memoriam
Emery Leon Looney

Uncle Emery Looney, last living brother of, passed away this morning at his home in Visalia, California. His wife Beckie called hospice when she awoke and found him gravely ill. By the time they arrived he had passed. He was born August 30, 1926, in rural Oklahoma, the 10th child of Arthur Clay and Rachel Elizabeth Johnston Looney. Below is the birth order of the 15 children (given to me by mother in 1985):

Dora Emma 10/24/1910; Nina May 5/1/1911; Willard Clay 8/23/1913; Samuel Wilburn 4/9/1915; Mary Inez 8/8/1917; Mildred Irene 5/30/1919; Lewis Dean 5/31/1921; Roberta Maxine 9/25/1923; Wanda Florene 1/8/1925; Emery Leon 8/30/1926; Veronica Virginia 12/7/27; Lois Dell 5/31/29; Betty Jean 11/20/1931 Joy Marie 1/19/1934; and Yvonne Lee 8/18/1936.

Published On 9/27/2007, Edith Sundby.

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